Redundant Network

Redundant Network
Virtual link management

Given that system continuity is critical to business, redundancy is an essential element to every business network design. With diversification of path, carrier, infrastructure and technology, wireless is a useful alternative to add to your terrestrial services as a failover.

As a complement to a wired infrastructure, Wirefreebroadband can provide you with a diverse path for redundant connectivity, especially important in circumstances where single entry points for circuitry, even from diverse service providers, represent a potential single point of failure. With the system correctly configured with auto failover, your network will be engineered for 100% uptime.

It’s cheaper and easier than you may think.

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"Wirefreebroadband can also be used instead of or in addition to a wired local area network. As an alternative to a wired solution, Wirefreebroadband can be deployed more rapidly and more cost effectively than a wired solution."