Carrier class wireless solutions

Wirefreebroadband allows your network to grow without the lengthy waits often experienced by fibre installations. We escape the locked in infrastructure of terrestrial circuits saving you expensive civil costs, (Often costing you thousands) in council approvals and especially the long lead times associated with digging a cable into the building. By using a wireless transceiver on the roof that is dedicated for your use, you potentially avoid having to assist paying to roll out the fibre companies infrastructure.
We understand that at times you don’t have the luxury of waiting months for a connection. (Fibre companies usually quote 40-60 business days for an off net building connection) So we endeavour to work with our clients to deliver services according to their timeframes. Although we typically complete new services within a week of the building permit approval, we have also completed rush jobs for clients to have them up and running within a couple of hours.
Our agile team can also relocate services within 24 hours and with zero down time.


"Wirefreebroadband can also be used instead of or in addition to a wired local area network. As an alternative to a wired solution, wirefreebroadband can be deployed more rapidly and more cost effectively than a wired solution."