Simple & Easy
Carrier class wireless solutions

At Wirefreebroadband we keep the technical side of the installation as simple and easy as possible. We supply and install a Wirefreebroadband radio transceiver (called a Customer Subscriber Unit or CSU) to the roof top of your building. The CSU is then connected to the Wirefreebroadband network via a high speed wireless connection. The CSU connects to your switching network via a CAT5 Ethernet cable. You only need to provide roof access, power and assign an network entry point for the CAT5 cable, Simple!

We ensure that users on the network enjoy long term, trouble free connectivity without the high cost of fibre or the troublesome contentions of DSL.


"Wirefreebroadband can also be used instead of or in addition to a wired local area network. As an alternative to a wired solution, Wirefreebroadband can be deployed more rapidly and more cost effectively than a wired solution."