Carrier class wireless solutions

Our next generation wireless has many advantages over traditional copper
or fibre services, here are just some of them:

Simple : Point to point or point to multipoint services

Fast : Up to 1Gbps with ultra low latency

Symmetrical : Both up & down load speeds

Affordable : No prohibitive installation costs

No Waiting : Potentially up & running within a week

Wirefree : No underground cabling

Flexible : Change speed to suit your business needs

Secure : All data is automatically encrypted

Easy : Connection via Ethernet

Reliable : Up to 99.999 uptime guaranteed

Peace of Mind : Auto failover available


"Wirefreebroadband can also be used instead of or in addition to a wired local area network. As an alternative to a wired solution, Wirefreebroadband can be deployed more rapidly and more cost effectively than a wired solution."