Virtual Private Network
Increase your online security

Managing networks and connectivity is our specialty. Using our carrier grade MPLS network, we connect your network environment to the rest of the world. This enables your applications to work seamlessly with minimal disruptions within your corporate headquarters, satellite or remote offices, wherever they are situated.

It’s not just cost effective, it actually gives you the flexibility and control to scale, and manage the network to suit your organisation’s specific needs.

The Network enables you to carry confidential company data securely from site-to-site using your standard Internet connection, saving on having dedicated leased lines or dial-up access. VPN has made the idea of true teleworking a reality with secure and simple “always available” connectivity.

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"Wirefreebroadband can also be used instead of or in addition to a wired local area network. As an alternative to a wired solution, wirefreebroadband can be deployed more rapidly and more cost effectively than a wired solution."